Here is a Full Day, Sample Meal Plan to Fuel an Athletic 180-190 Pound Male

You spend your free time at the gym

You’ve been doing endless presses, squats and sit-ups….

But yet you still don’t see the results you are wishing for.

I’ll give you a hint. It’s most likely your diet.

You don’t have to eat perfectly to transform your body into something great, but you can’t be mowing down Cheetos, pizza and beer every day either.

Attached is a Full day of eating (simple eating, a college kid could handle it) for a male around 180-190 pounds. Overall calorie amount may be adjusted based on your totally daily expenditure (find that out here).

Also, if you’re itching to know how macro-nutrients work within your body and how much you should be consuming then click here.

Finally the plan contains a serving of ISO 100 protein powder. If you don’t have it you can find it here for pretty cheap.

If you would rather not use it you can replace it with another protein source. (Id rather have something that tastes like a chocolate shake than a plain old chicken breast though)

Finally as promised here is the high protein plan along with calorie overall total, calorie by meal totals and macro totals.

Simple, sample meal plan

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