Save Money by Making Your Own Pre-Workout (24 cents per serving)

Pre-workout is something many of us use in our fitness routines.

It is great.

Need a quick boost of energy after a long day of work before the gym? just take a couple scoops of pre-workout and perform like a mad man.

There is one draw back however.

Depending on which brand you purchase, you may be looking at a hefty price for a bottle the size of your palm. God forbid you take 2 scoops before every workout, you’ll be out  two weeks after you bought it.

Let’s save some money.

First let’s lay out the three ingredients used and why we will use them.


I’ll give you a quick overview of what caffeine can do for you, but if you want an explanation that is a little more in depth then start here .

We all know caffeine. Caffeine will provide you with the needed mental alertness and will stave off fatigue through out your workout. It’s a pre-workout staple.

How much do you need?

My advice is to start low. Always start at a low dose while taking anything. Lets say 150-200mg per serving. That would be a safe starting place. This may not be suitable for those who have been consuming caffeine or those who are naturally tolerant so adjust accordingly. Don’t go taking a gram…. if you want to know how much could potentially put you in big trouble click here.

Where to find it?

The picture above is a link to the amazon page where you can purchase the item. The caffeine comes in 200mg tablets and the container holds 100. When all is said and done, you are looking at about 5 cents per serving for caffeine (if you stick to 150mg).

Up next we have….


If you have ever taken a scoop of C4 and minutes later felt the “face tingles” well that my friends is the work of beta-alanine. Beta-alanine helps prevent fatigue which in turn increases endurance during training sessions.

While you train, your muscles actually become more acidic, beta-alanine will actually buffer this response and allow you to push through those intense workouts.

How much do you need?

Start small. Always start small. If you have never consumed a supplement that contained beta-alanine before and you go ahead and take a large dose, that before mentioned tingle will become a nasty itch.

So I recommend starting at 800mg and after a tolerance is built you can increase by 200mg until you feel a comfortable dose has been reached.

Where to find it?

God bulk. Its cheap and mixes nicely in water.

With the starting point of 800mg you are looking at 9 cents per serving if you purchase the product pictured above. Not to shabby.

Last but not least, we have good ol’ creatine.

When you lift weights as exercise, your body uses a compound known as Adenosine Triphosphate or ATP for short. ATP is used for energy during short burst exercises. That “triphosphate” in the name, well that means there are 3 phosphates and when your muscles need energy for contractions they will use one of the phosphate molecules. Well now you have ADP ( Adensoine Diphosphate), so in comes creatine. Creatine, after being converted to creatine phosphate by the body will then donate a phosphate molecule to the ADP returning it to its previous state of ATP. This ATP can then be used again for energy.

Overall, this means you may be able to squeeze out a few more pounds or reps thanks to creatine supplementation.

Also, if your buddies keep mentioning that creatine causes “fake muscle mass” due to water retention… tell them to can it. When your cells are hydrated  and “volumized” due to the increased water content caused by creatine supplementation, they are much more efficient and anabolic.

How much do you need?

I just stick to 5g per day. I do this because it is easy and it works well for me. A small spoon full or if you have a left over scoop that is 5g is all you need.

Where to find it?

To start, just buy creatine monohydrate. No need to purchase the $70 dollar alternative because it is micronized, chocolate flavored or the string bean behind the counter mentioned it. Creatine monohydrate is the most studied and proven form, so stick with it.

So with the 5 grams per serving recommendation and if you use the brand above you are looking at 10 cents per serving. Once again, great value.

On to the price comparison.

Lets take a popular pre-workout that has a cost of $1 per serving and compare it to the cost if you just made your won with these three ingredients.

Above it was mentioned that…

Caffeine will cost 5 Cents per serving

Beta-alanine will cost 9 cents per serving

Creatine will cost 10 cents per serving

Overall total per serving will be 24 cents. That’s pretty much a quarter of the brand name supplement. So that $30 bottle you buy that only contains 30 servings would be 120 servings if you spent that same amount on these ingredients. Or you could make 30 servings of home-made pre-workout for $7.20, your choice.

P.S. I know I did not include citrulline malate. It would be #4 on the list. So go ahead and throw it in if you would like.

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