Top Five gym essentials you should carry in your gym bag. Prices included.

So you’re headed to the gym with bag in hand.

Well what should you have in that bag to make your gym experience worth while?

Follow along and I’ll lay it out for you with some of the cheapest prices around.

The pictures of the items are clickable links to the best amazon prices I could find.

Let’s start with the bag before we dive into what it should carry (no this does not count towards the top five).

We will start with the “ol’ faithful”. A standard Nike, over the shoulder gym bag. Yes, it is a bit more expensive because of that big check mark smacked on the side, but hey who doesn’t like fresh Nike gear. I happen to use one and like it quite a bit, but it is not your only option.

If you are a college kid and want a more cost effective alternative, well here it is.

It’s 15 dollars. you can’t beat that. Don’t worry so much about size, this will carry all of your essentials.

Let’s get to it. Time for the top five things you should carry in your gym bag.

Coming in at #1 we have some wrist straps. Yeah sure you will have the people that say “Oh you shouldn’t be using those, you are weakening your grip…” well those people most likely do not dead-lift or row near failure. Do yourself a favor and pickup a cheap pair of straps, nothing fancy needed.

You cannot beat $6.99 for a pair.

On to #2. You’ve got the straps now get some wraps. You don’t always need to wear these. When you are a beginner, try to only wear these at times when you are maxing out or failing due to high reps. Joint protection will play a more important role when your lifts begin to increase, but it is never to early to start lifting safe. These guys will run your around $9.99.

#3 is an often overlooked, but important accessory if you want meaty arms. #3 my friends is the dip belt. The ability to strap weights to your body while performing dips will result in great strength gains. Weighted dips translate to increased maxes for most pushing exercises. Bench press can greatly benefit from the regular usage of weighted dips as an included movement. 

For this bad boy you will need to throw down $22.00, but unless your gym provides one, you probably will not find a quality dip belt for much less.

Next up, item #4. The trusty squat belt. Don’t be an idiot, please wear a belt when you squat heavy. Remember a belt is not a cure for bad form, but a belt is still required to lift safely while squatting heavy. Now I’m not going to provide a link to an expensive leather belt. I’ve provided the link to the belt I currently use (I’ve squatted 425lb. while wearing this belt and it was completely fine and comfortable). The great thing is that it is only $21.00.

Finally at #5 we have an optional accessory. I say optional because A) it’s expensive and B) you probably already have or use an older pair that work just dandy. However, I loveeeeeee my powerbeats. Sure you may be paying a tad more for the name, but these headphones are comfortable, sweat resistant and are basically impossible to shake off. You can wear these while you lift, run, bike and climb with no worries. $150 is steep, but if you have the cash then splurge…you deserve it.

That’s it. Super simple. Keep these top five gym bag essentials with you and you can’t go wrong.

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