Losing Body Fat: A no frills, straight to the point guide 

Let’s get simple.

Like real simple.

In order to lose body fat you must use more energy than you consume.

That’s it, the end.


Ok so it’s not the end, but that is the big picture here.  Too many weight loss programs over-complicate the fat loss process.  “You have to perform this exercise with this many reps at this certain time of day, this many times per week.” You get the idea.

Well if you break it down to the simplest level, it comes down to burning more calories than you consume.

So how can you do this?

There are a few ways, but first you need to know your BMR (you can figure that out here). After you figure out that, focus on these ideas.

If you are consuming an amount of calories that is equal to your BMR result, then you need to burn enough calories each day through additional exercise (yeah we are talking cardio here) to create a caloric deficit.

What is a caloric deficit? All this means is that at the end of the day you have expended more calories than you have consumed, “being in the negative” is how I think of it.

For example, Joey’s BMR is 2800 calories. Joey consumes 2800 calories per day. Joey must then burn an additional amount of calories (we will say 300) in order to lose body fat. If we add the BMR (2800) and the calories burnt (300) we come up with 3100 calories used over the course of the day. This amount is larger than the amount consumed which will force the body to get the needed energy from another source, predominantly your fat cells which are stored by your body for instances such as this in the first place.


See how simple this is turning out to be.

I understand that most people believe that counting calories is too much work or that it’s too hard to figure out the exact calorie amounts.

  1. You don’t need to know the exact amounts. It’s OK to round.
  2. Download this app it’ll make things easy. Real easy. Myfitnesspal.
  3. If you’d like to be exact then go to Walmart, Target or visit Amazon.com and purchase the cheapest food scale you can find. The cost will probably be around 15 dollars.
  4. After you calculate your BMR aim to consume 300-500 calories less than that a day or go for a jog, row, hike, climb or swim to burn those 300-500 calories.
  5. Focus on slowly losing overall weight by only going under your BMR by 300-500 calories per day. If you automatically start by slashing your calorie intake in half, you will have no energy for your workouts and you may lose some of the muscle you have worked your butt off to build.
  6. CONTINUE TO WEIGHT TRAIN. This is a big one. Don’t be the guy or gal who drops the weights and spends weeks on the treadmill. The body strives to be efficient with its use of calories. If it has no reason to maintain the muscle you have built, you will more quickly lose muscle mass.
  7. Be realistic. Of course it isn’t all about calories. Sure calories are the first step, but eat well. If you eat Twinkies all day and still stay under your BMR, great good for you. You will lose weight, but since your macros are going to be pretty awful, your body composition will remain the same. You will be skinny and technically weigh less, but you will still have a high amount of body fat. So make sure you figure out what a healthy macro ratio looks like. It’s all put together for you HERE


Stay simple guys.

Don’t over-complicate your weight loss routine. Just weight train and burn more calories than you consume.

The End

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