The Top 3 “Biggest Bang For Your Buck” Supplements

Let’s be honest. Supplements are ridiculously expensive…like CRAZY expensive.

Let’s paint a picture here. You walk into your local supplement store and begin to walk around. You snag a tub of what looks to be the most inexpensive protein powder in the store, then you grab a little bottle of pre-workout and during checkout you are convinced by the teenage kid that looks like he’s never touched a weight in his life to purchase a bottle of the newest intra-workout.  You slide your card and walk out with a big bag of supps. All is good until you look at the receipt when it falls out of the bag as you climb into your car. The number on the bottom is probably near $120.00. Hopefully you won’t need everything again next month….

Do you know what you can do with $120 a month? ohhhh I don’t know…

  1. Pay your DirecTV bill that includes Starz, HBO and Cinemax. (only $103.00, just checked my bill)
  2. I’m near 98% sure some base model cars can be leased for $120 a month.
  3. You could be a responsible adult and save the $120 which would result in a total of $1440 just chillin’ in your bank account at the end of the year.

You get the point by now.

So I’m going to lay out what you should be buying and the prices you should be paying.

Let’s start

  1. Creatine 

  2. Protein

  3. Multi-vitamin

Those 3 my friends, those 3 are the base supplements. The ones that work, have had countless studies performed to test their performance and of course the ones that won’t empty your bank account.

So how much should you pay for Creatine?

This much CLICK HERE

$16 for 600 grams.

That’s like a little under 3 cents per gram. Way better than the “Ultra micronized chocolate flavored infused with natural testosterone booster in pill form bla bla bla bla” they try to sell you everywhere you go. 

Oh and skip the whole loading phase. Just take 5 grams per day (the bottle will last you 120 days). Make it easy and just take a spoon full a day. Mix it in juice and it’s all good.

That is where I’ll leave that. I’ll throw out another post on the benefits of Creatine supplementation if you are interested, but for now I’ll just focus on the price of things.


So how much should you pay for protein powder?

This one is a bit more tricky. To be 100% honest, if you can hit your protein requirements through your diet alone then there is no need for supplementation (to figure that out click here). You can also go uber cheap and grab some at walmart, but then you will be getting into the whole amino acid spiking world (once again I’ll touch on that during another post). So I’ll throw out a crowd favorite that I also like. 

Here ya go CLICK HERE

$28 for 2 lbs. (You can actually go cheaper, per pound, by buying a larger tub)

Reminder… try to get in all of your protein through your diet and you can totally skip that cost. I mean come on chicken breast or thighs or anything is like $3 a pound compared to $10-$14…(I know there are more grams of protein in the powder per pound, but I’m just saying)


So how much should you pay for a multi-vitamin?

Well if you have proper nutrition and are getting the essential vitamins through your food intake then nothing. Zero. Zilch. That is totally unrealistic however so I’ll give you a link.


That’s a two month supply for $15.



Let’s get down to business.

Creatine – $16 for 600g or 15 cents a day (5g per day) or $4.50 a month

Protein – $28 for 2 lbs. or $0.97 a day (1 scoop per day) or $28 a month

Multi-vitamin – 120 tabs for $15 or$0.25 a day (2 tabs per day) or $7.50 a month


Grand total of… drum roll please… 40 bucks a month (way cheaper if you check in your diet as mentioned above)

There you have it. A cheap and easy way to get the most necessary supplements.

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